Locksmith Las Vegas career story  (part two) 

So as you can imagine I was all over this Las Vegas locksmith thing and could not get enough. I could not be happier and had gone with Ron to just about every locksmith job for four months straight. It was my calling and the locksmith industry came to me naturally. I was finding solutions to things that Ron couldn't even understand, in fact after reading about master keying I had solved a problem with doing a 34 doors on a master key system as it was simple mathematics to me but if math isn't your thing than you'll never get it. 

Another part of the Locksmith Las Vegas job that I loved was car lockouts. This was a fast job and customers where so happy to see you. At the time no one in the Las Vegas locksmith industry knew how to open the newer BMW so I went to the BMW dealer and found a friend that worked there, this friend was a guy I went to High School with at Clark High School right here in Las Vegas. Dave let me work on every BMW model till I had a system. This made us more relevant and other locksmiths had started to talk about us and even send some Las Vegas locksmith customers who had BMW's and Mercedes. 

At some point we had a job to work on commercial double doors who have a three way locking mechanism. I remember Ron was stomped and asked me to have a run at it. This was my chance to look really good in front of someone who really had my respect and after 45 minutes I had gotten. It was a matter of having the locking mechanism not over or under throw to the top or bottom of the door. 

Needless to say that was the day Ron looked at me as a true Locksmith Las Vegas service provider and more important I looked at myself as a true locksmith

   Locksmith Las Vegas career story

part three Coming February 23rd 2017

How I became a Locksmith in Las Vegas by ZG 

I was working in a local Las Vegas pets store and was bored out of my mind when a friend who was a locksmith here in Las Vegas asked me if I wanted to what he called a ride-along. We went to four jobs that day, Three of the jobs where residential and one was a commercial job. Right of the bat I noticed that being a Las Vegas locksmith had freedom that no job that I ever had has given me. You get to drive outside eat where you want and basically enjoy the day out there in the real world. So from my aspect every Las Vegas locksmith had something I never did, FREEDOM. 

At the first locksmith call out we had to help a family that was just broken into and my friend was explaining to the customer what we should do to avoid this type of break in again, but I noticed that he wasn't communicating very well and the customer was getting confused so I intervened. Now just to explain I have been at the time in retail for over 20 years so it was easy for me to be personal and forward. My buddy the locksmith who I was with on the ride-along was in shock he couldn't understand how someone who has never been in the field of a Locksmith can just jump in and act as a Locksmith Las Vegas service provider and what was even more strange to him is that I sold over $2000 in high security to his client right in front of him. He was stunned to say the least, when we left the job site after two hours and headed to the next one he couldn't stop asking me questions about my experiences with customers.

Our next locksmith job was a lady that was locked out of her house. It was a kwikset lock that had to be opened in order for her to get back inside her home. I was looking at everything he was doing as if it was slow motion. It looked so easy and I remember thinking that I will replace my deadbolts on my own home ASAP as having basic deadbolt locks are not acceptable for my family's security. That night I did two things. One, I had my Locksmith body replace my two deadbolts on my own home. And two, I practiced for hours picking two different types of deadbolts till i got them pretty fast.

But getting back to the third job. The third Locksmith Las Vegas job we went to was at an office that needed to be rekeyed and I remember thinking that this was less exciting as people in businesses don't talk to you as much and I'm a people person. I also noticed that my friend didn't offer the business owner any better security or offer any other options. So once the job was done I asked why didn't you offer the customer any better security and the response was they probably wouldn't go for it. 

To me this was not a good answer by a pro Las Vegas locksmith even if he's my friend. Later I would implement a better way to do things but at the time I realized it was an opportunity missed for both locksmith and client. 

The fourth job was also at a home where it was a customer who wanted a locksmith to rekey the locks and make what is call fresh install to add a 2nd deadbolt on the front door. This was always a good idea that I had thought about before ever being in the security field. My buddy had started to cut the door to add the 2nd deadbolt and I absolutely did not like the technique he was using but did not say anything at the time, after all I'm is just a friend on a ride-along helping him as a helper of a Locksmith Las Vegas PRO. 

By the end of that day my buddy the locksmith had asked me if I wanted to get into the field of being a Locksmith in Las Vegas and my answer was - I'm already way ahead of you. My wife knew that night while I was having better deadbolts put on my own home that I'm about to inter the field of security as a Las Vegas locksmith


The story will continue just come back every week or so to read more about this crazy locksmith career.

Can a Las Vegas locksmith make my home safer? 

The answer is yes a Las Vegas locksmith can make your home safer. Most people don't know but to unlock your home will take less than 60 seconds. Some thieves use picking tools and some use a bump key, so when hiring a legal licensed Las Vegas locksmith always ask for deadbolts that are BUMP Key resistant and pick resistant. 

You should also ask the locksmith if he's going to redo you strike plates with longer screws grabbing the beam in the wall. 

This is our Locksmith Las Vegas pointer of the month, come back to see new safety pointers every month. 

Las Vegas Locksmith make sure security tips;

1. Make sure your deadbolts are bump-key and pick resistant.

2. Make sure your deadbolts are tough still.

3. Make sure to cut the red cord in your garage, as thieves use it to get into your garage from the outside.

4. Make sure you have a no soliciting sign on your front door.

5. Make sure to put a stick in any sliding door in the house. Thieves generally do not break sliding door windows but they will manipulate the sliding door.

6. Make sure all security gates have double sided deadbolts. Otherwise most security gates will not protect you very much.

7. Make sure to always park in the garage if possible. Don't show your habits.

8. Make sure you have a timer on the lights in front of the house.

9. Make sure to never tell people your going on vacation if they don't need to know.

10.Make sure to put a lock on the gate that goes to your backyard.


1. You just got a new home, and I don't know who else has my keys out there.

2. You lost your keys and you can't find them.

3. You gave the keys to someone you wish you didn't .

4. You want all your locks to be on the same key (if the locks work on the same blank).

5. You realized you always left you car in valet with your home key on the key ring.

6. You don't want the builders master key to work on your home.

7. You want peace of mind.

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